An Olympic Stadium for London 2012

With the Olympics focusing more and more on the presentation and image not only of the host city but also with the image of a whole country the need for an “image-idea” that delivers a clear and easy message becomes more important.
With the Olympic Games televised in more than 160 countries, this event reaches a population of 3 billion people around the world. However, only 2 million tickets are sold for competition sessions. With the high importance of TV on the way the Games are perceived by the wider public, the venues and the Olympic stadium in particular are in need of strong iconic status.

Main aims:
Algorithmic design is used to develop systems of a higher degree integration and variability of the space inside the stadium shell. Consideration of environmental parameters such as sun-light can allow for a masterful play of light inside the stadium while structural considerations might lead to for example, clever lightweight solutions to problems of excessive span, or dealing with issues of perforation of the skin, the proliferation of self-similar components, the deformation and morphing of textural differences.

The aim of the studio is to deliver highly integrated and highly differentiated, multi-component stadium envelopes that are able perform to a variety of aesthetic, experiential and technical criteria.

The students are strongly encouraged to enhance their design research with real world parameters such as environmental information, structural considerations etc. Seeking the advice of professionals to deliver a sound but exciting project will also be encouraged. The topic and will be based on the design and investigation of forms using 3d design software and are expected to learn and use the software such as 3d studio, rhino and rhino script and Maya (and Maya MEL) to investigate complex forms of algorithmic or component based design.


Starting from the notion of the single surface project, the aim of the fall 2008 studio is to examine formal issues of surface modulations using methods and tools that are inherent to algorithmic design.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

skype test

[20:56:05] Bobby says: professor are u there?
[20:59:06] xtos1307 says: YES
[20:59:07] xtos1307 says: HI
[20:59:26] Bobby says: ok sorry just confirming
[21:01:00] xtos1307 says: HOW ARE THINGS?
[21:01:31] Bobby says: going good...the thesis statment is done now working on the HOW of it all
[21:02:50] Bobby says: i tried doing some work on teh blog but no progress...i want to add a front page to it which has links to all teh posts kinda like this one
[21:03:00] Bobby says: it is nice and simple
[21:03:16] xtos1307 says: OK...I'LL HAVE ALOOK AT IT SOON AS WELL!
[21:05:12] xtos1307 says: SEND ME THE LINKS AGAIN PLS?
[21:18:18] xtos1307 says: bob
[21:35:18] Bobby says:
[21:35:29] Bobby says:
[21:35:40] xtos1307 says: i have the dezeen...thanks
[21:35:49] xtos1307 says: did you send me your presentation?
[21:36:05] Bobby says: still compiling
[21:36:14] Bobby says: sending it off inabout 2hrs
[21:44:54] xtos1307 says: when you get some time, can you please revise the title image of the site? i think we need something more birdsnest/ makestadium/ olympia/ munich ?
[21:46:14] Bobby says: yes i will...
[21:48:58] xtos1307 says: i wont keep you now tho. finish and send the presentation first and we can discuss the blog tomorrow.
[21:55:42] xtos1307 says: robert, can you please also send me the link for the elective blog?[22:07:49] Bobby says: i don't think there is one
[22:07:53] Bobby says: for the elective
[22:08:07] xtos1307 says: there is one for sure..
[22:08:08] Bobby says: but i can set one up tonight and sent it to the participants
[22:08:38] Bobby says: winnie set one up but the way she did it was to format one she had but we could not get on it[22:08:46] Bobby says: and half of us did not get the link
[22:14:49] xtos1307 says: who made the blog ? was it winnie?
[22:15:17] Bobby says: yes it was winnie
[22:15:23] Bobby says: i sent her a email for the link
[22:15:28] Bobby says: waiting for her reply
[22:15:37] Bobby says: will see if we can fix it up then send it to u
[23:05:18] Bobby says: professor right now we have the text and a few ideas diagrams... to send off... can we work on the model ideas some more and post them in the morning or send them to u in an email?
[23:05:39] xtos1307 says: ok sounds good
[23:05:46] Bobby says: thank you
[23:06:00] xtos1307 says: still doing a test on wednesday?? pls coordinate with alex!
[23:06:07] Bobby says: yes
[23:06:37] Bobby says: the group was asking if we should take the existing proposal for the stadium site and replace the stadium design
[23:07:19] Bobby says: or is it that we do a new proposal altogether ?
[23:07:23] xtos1307 says: yes that would be good for a start!
[23:07:27] Bobby says: ok
[23:07:31] Bobby says: perfect
[23:07:53] xtos1307 says: but in the next weeks, if someone feels that they can handle having a go at the design of the surrounding area they can try it!
[23:08:33] xtos1307 says: it might be intersting to relate the stadium and the spaces and paths leading to it especially in some projects dealing with particle flows.

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